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Over 8 million metric tons of plastic trash are dumped into our oceans each year.
We want to change that. 


years for a plastic water bottle to decompose


plastic bottles upcycled into each Rushway outfit


less CO2 is created than for virgin fabrics

Meet Our Fabric

We're creating a second life for recycled waste, helping to keep plastic out of our planet’s delicate ecosystems. 

Stretchy, smooth, durable, and sustainable. Our fabric is made from UNIFI Repreve® fiber, a global leader in the recycling of post-consumer plastic. It is OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring that our material is free of harmful and toxic chemicals. We are committed to using beautiful, sustainable fabric in every single one of our pieces.

Meet Our Manufacturer

Our clothes are made in a small family-run factory in New York City.

The working conditions are safe, and the workers are all paid fair wages. They specialize in high-end tailored garments and the seamstresses are extremely skilled. All of our pieces undergo numerous rounds of fittings and quality control. We visit the facility regularly, and always feel like part of the family.

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Meet Our Packaging

Our entire production process is focused on the environment, from selecting our fabrics to getting the product into your hands.

We are as vigilant about our packaging as we are about our clothing. We research and source the most sustainable materials we can find and keep our usage as low-impact as possible.

We remain committed to sustainable practices, including giving post-consumer waste a new life. As we grow and technology advances, we remain optimistic towards our ability to become even more eco-friendly in both our clothes and our practice. Showing interest in ethics and our environment is the first step to creating change, and our community has been immensely supportive in this endeavor. As we continue to strive towards carbon neutral practices, we demonstrate that style, comfort, and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.

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